The Institute of non-violence stands for

Safety – relationship dynamics are in balance

Equity – access to social forms of power is distributed evenly

Inclusion – diversity is celebrated and encouraged

Harmony – interactions are driven by compassion for the individual

Equality – interpersonal relations are founded on respect for all people

IoNV values working with and supporting likeminded professionals and individuals in pursuing our vision to create a world where non-violence is the social norm. Through our collaborations, we seek innovative, creative and engaging ways to bring important conversations to you and the general public. Our intention is to create diverse platforms for talking about social issues and types of violence that impact generations of people through complex trauma. The more we speak about these matters, the more we learn and the closer we get to being non-violent.


By Luka Lesson

Poet and rapper Luka Lesson and Institute of non-violence have teamed up to create a new poetry video entitled: ‘Letter To My Daughter’.

With music by Sydney Conservatorium Composer James Humberstone, and a video shot and edited in Luka’s ancestral home of Rhodes, Greece. The poem is an ode to women, a non-stop critique of masculinity and a hopeful prayer for the future.

The poem and video premiere on Luka Lesson and Institute of non-violence’s Facebook pages at 8pm on November 25th. The video is available to share via Facebook or Youtube from 8pm onwards.

Click here to listen to the audio recording and view interactive lyrics


By Luka Lesson

Poet and rapper Luka Lesson and Institute of non-violence have teamed up again to deliver a second poem and video: ‘Stereo. Type.’

The visuals for the poem premiered on Monday 22 March 2021. The video is available for viewing and sharing on all our social media channels.

“See I don’t care about your lyrics
I mostly care about your spirit
our words are just vessels
to help our souls grow coherent”

These words written and spoken by Luka highlight why CEO and Founder, Hala Abdelnour, approached him to collaborate with IoNV on issues that align with our objectives, our mission and our values.

We share Luka’s frustration around racism that is fueled by mainstream media and society without any responsibility or accountability for its impact on its target communities.

“The outrage headline works wonders for sales, but it literally puts people in the line of fire of violent attacks, right-wing extremism and psychological trauma” (Luka Lesson).

As #HarmonyWeek2021 comes to a close, IoNV invites you to keep this conversation going, be #anti-racist every day and speak out against all types of racial violence.

Click here to listen to the audio recording and view the interactive lyrics

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