Clinical Supervision

At the Institute of non-violence, we understand the value and necessity of providing regular and structured clinical supervision to practitioners who are tasked with family violence risk assessment and management work, including Men’s Behaviour Change facilitators and case managers; family safety workers; and those in private practice.

Our supervisors are all trained in Psychology or Social Work and have extensive experience in delivering family violence programs and providing supervision.

We offer fortnightly and monthly sessions for individuals, dyads and teams. We work with a range MBCP providers, the Orange Door, multicultural services and LGBTIQ+ services. Our model encourages reflective practice, team building and applying an intersectional feminist framework. 



Men's Behaviour Change Program Manual

Trained in psychology and social work, our CEO and founder, Hala Abdelnour, has always held a strong interest in best practice and innovative models. This underpins our internal culture of continuously seeking to improve family violence response and to provide outstanding support for the service sector.

In 2021, IoNV started building our own evidence base that supports our models for delivering Men’s Behaviour Change and other family violence response programs. We continue to develop and update this resource.

Aligned with that evidence base and our collective experiences and expertise, we have drafted our own Men’s Behaviour Change manual. We have piloted elments of this early in 2021 via Communicare in Western Australia; and more extensively with Nexus Primary Health in Victoria. 

We are currently completing our second year of a pilot, having trialled the program as a closed and open group model. Next we will look to trial an online version of this manual in partnership with Violence Free Families. We will publish this product shortly. In the meantime, if your organisation is interested in trialling it, please get in touch with our team to discuss.

As part of this process, Hala developed two clinical models that have proven effective with clients who are either using or have experienced family, domestic and/or sexual violence. The models have been successfully applied with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds including First Nations, LGBTIQ+, recent and more established Australians of various ethnicities and life experiences. For more information on our models, please contact our team. 

Find out more Contact us today if you wish to discuss supervision for yourself or your team; alternatively send us a message if you are interested in our clinical models and MBC manual.

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